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Name Department Position Specialization
OE, Takaaki Department of Product Design Associate Professor Product Design
OGASAHARA, Osamu Graduate School (Correspondence Education)/Art and Design Studies Professor
OHBA, Daisuke Graduate School/Art and Design Studies Associate Professor
OHBAYASHI, Kentaro Department of Historical Heritage Professor
OHMI, Ayano Department of Art and Child Studies Professor
OHNISHI, Hiroshi Department of Information Design Professor Video, CG, Animation
OHTSUJI, Miyako Department of Liberal and Fine Arts/Faculty of Art and Design (Correspondence Education) Associate Professor Contemporary Literature
OIKE, Kazuo Faculty of Art and Design Professor
OKADA, Fumio Department of Historical Heritage Professor Cultural Property Science
OKADA, Masamitsu Department of Information Design Lecturer
OKAMOTO, Yasuaki Art Educational Qualification Center Professor Art Education, Workshop Theory, Contemporary Art Theory
OKAMURA, Hiroki Department of Information Design Associate Professor Animation, CG, Video Installation etc.
OKAMURA, Yoichiro Creative Learning Center Associate Professor
OKAZAKI, Daisuke Art Communication Research Center Lecturer
OKI, Hiroko Department of Character Design Associate Professor
OKUDA, Kiyoshi Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor Pictorial Arts
OKUMURA, Mika Department of Fine and Applied Arts Associate Professor Japanese Painting
ONO, Akihiko Department of Environmental Design Professor Architectural Design
OONOGI, Hiroto Department of Spatial Design Professor Space Production Design