AKIYAMA, Toyohiro(Japan's First Astronaut, Farmer)

AKIYAMA, Toyohiro(Japan's First Astronaut, Farmer)
Department Faculty of Art and Design
Position Professor
Specialization Agriculture
Degrees Earned Bachelor of Arts(B.A) 〔The College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University〕
Profile Born in Tokyo in June, 1942. After graduating from International Christian University (ICU), joined Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), and successively held various posts such as political reporter, Washington bureau chief, foreign news desk, international news center chief and news bureau exclusive chief. On Dec. 2, 1990, as the first Japanese astronaut, got on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft with two Russian astronauts and remained in space for 9 days. After quitting TBS in 1995, started farming in Fukushima Pref. for pesticide-free production and Shiitake mushroom production etc. However, because of the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake and following nuclear power plant disruption, became a "refugee." Major publications include "Space and Earth" (Iwanami Shoten), "Farmer's Diary" (Shincho-sha), "Hoe and Spacecraft" (Random House-Kodansha) etc. From November 2011, Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Faculty of Art and Design.