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Creation and Development Center

  • Fine and Applied Art Department
  • Spatial Design Department
  • Information Design Department
  • Environmental Design Department
  • General / Event Department

The Creation and Development Center was reorganized and reestablished afresh in the 2007 academic year. The center integrated the Spatial Design Research Center, the Informational Design Research Center, and the Environmental Design Research Center, which had all existed from before, and also added to its organization the newly established Fine and Applied Art Department and General/Event Department. Today, with all of the parts organically connected to form a comprehensive and integrated whole, the center serves as the base for production, research, and development in the area of general craftsmanship in the forms best suiting the needs of the present day. In the activities conducted here, we are striving to keep our focus on the question of finding the best ways to engage in craftsmanship and design so as to establish deeper and more profound relationships between nature and people, people among themselves and also people and things. We believe that this kind of endeavor is only possible in our center, which is an integrated whole comprised of various fields of design on the one hand, and various fields of creation on the other. Acceptance of orders for product development, searching for right future forms for traditional industries, supply of advanced design operations, accumulation of digital archives, engaging in various environmental projects such as city planning, production of theatrical fine arts, and spatial design – the center is involved in cooperation between the industrial, the administrative and the academic sectors in a broad range of areas, actively providing resources of both intellectual and artistic nature that are available to this school to the industrial world and public administration alike, and is boasting quite a large number of achievements already.