the 450th Anniversary of the Establishment of Daitoku-ji Temple Juko-in

Professor Hiroshi Senjyu's Shohekiga (paintings on walls and sliding panels) will be exhibited with the national treasures, Shohekiga by Eitoku Kano.

Date / Period Tuesday, March 1, 2016〜 Sunday, March 26, 2017
Time 08:45 〜 16:00(They have some irregular holidays)
Venue Daitoku-ji Temple Juko-in
Venue Details 58 Daitokuji cho, Kita ku, Kyoto city


Along with the wall paintings (National Treasure) of Eitoku Kano, the sliding door paintings of Nihonga painter and KUAD professor, Hiroshi Senju will be displayed in a public exhibition.

--------------- The following discription is quoted from Daitoku-ji temple Juko-in HP and transrated.---------------

Being the Rikyu family temple, Daitoku-ji Juko-in temple holds the Fusumae (sliding panel paintings) of Japan's greatest ink painter、Eitoku Kano. This temple, which will celebrate its 450th anniversary in 2016, will hold a year-long special exhibition starting in March.

The temple’s 46 restored panels, works of Eitoku Kano and his father Shoei, which were entrusted to the Kyoto National Museum have been returned to the temple’s first exhibition after its renovation. Also, with the completion of the Shoin, donated sliding panels by top-class Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju will also be on public display, as well as the tea room “Kaninseki,” donated on the 150th death memorial of Sen no Rikyu by the 7th head of the Omote Senke School of Tea Ceremony, Joshinsai.

Admission: JPY2000
Junior high school students must be accompanied by an adult, elementary level and younger children will not be permitted. Up to one person accompanying an individual with disabilities will receive discounted admission (50% OFF).

Every 15 or 30 minutes there will be a guided tour with commentary and introduction by staff. Each tour is limited to 15 persons.

Fee JPY2000 
Seating Capacity Each guided tour is limited to 15 persons.
How to Apply Advance reservation necessary. Please contact to Kyoto Shunju Office and ask them how to make your reservation.
Organizer Daitoku-ji Temple Juko-in
Contact Kyoto Shunju Office (TEL 075-231-7015 / FAX 075-231-6420)
Related Faculty Hiroshi Senjyu (Professor, Faculty of Art and Design)