Kyoto’s Select Shop under the Theme, “Long Life Design”

D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO to Open inside Honzan Bukko-ji Temple in the Fall


A real environment for Kyoto University of Art and Design students to learn, from discovering new products, store opening preparation, and post-opening planning and management.

D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO will open a new shop this fall inside the grounds of Bukkoji-temple, marking a three-way collaboration between Kyoto University of Art and Design (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto / President: Kazuo Oike), Shin-Buddhism Bukkoji-temple faction (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto / Ryoichi Sasaki), and D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO (Director: Kenmei Nagaoka).

D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO (D&D), under the direction of designer and Kyoto University of Art and Design professor, Kenmei Nagaoka, is a select shop that will sell products that have design value in every time period (= long life design). In order to further design most suitable to a region, they are active in discovering the area’s unique design and aim to spread their appeal through opening a shop and cafe with local partners in each of the 47 prefectures. Since the establishing of the first shop in Okuzawa, Tokyo in 2000, D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO marks their 10th shop after developing stores in Osaka, Hokkaido, Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Okinawa, Yamanashi, Korea, and Fukuoka.

At Kyoto University of Art and Design, where Kenmei Nagaoka has been a professor since January 1, 2013, there is a mutual goal of launching D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO, as well as providing a real-life place of learning and opportunity for the students. Up to now, the five design departments (Department of Information Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Spatial Design, Department of Environmental Design, and the Department of Character Design) have launched a product team and developed curriculum that explores “long life design” in their respective fields. The result has been establishing a retail store that also acts as a real-life place of learning. While students can learn on location, it also acts as a place for local social exchange. This has brought interest from Shin-Buddhism Bukko-ji temple faction and led to the opening of a shop and cafe inside Honzan Bukko-ji temple.

Honzan Bukko-ji temple, where D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO will be located, has a history of over 800 years when Shinran Shonin established a thatched hut there in 1212. It is located in central Kyoto, a five minute walk from Shijo-Karasuma intersection. The 99.73㎡ shop will be located in Wagosho, the immediate left of the Amida Hall (Main Hall), while the 86.78㎡ cafe will be established to the right, acting as a resting point for worshipers, as well as a place to promote Honzan tea areas each morning. While offering design items that demonstrate high quality Japanese design, preparations are under way to open a shop that can offer long life design items unique to Kyoto.

In May, over 200 students attended an information session held at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Those selected will complete a research internship at D&DEPARTMENT’s Osaka store, and the 12 members are now trying to research and discover items that clear D&D’s strict criteria for “long life design” unique to Kyoto. From now, while negotiating with producers of chosen products and planning/preparing for the shop’s opening, the students are also participating in workshop planning and post-opening store management.

In order to carry out this related project, on Sunday, July 14, Kyoto University of Art and Design and Shin-Buddhism Bukko-ji temple faction signed a partnership, offering to provide a place for local community exchange. With the establishment of D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO at the core, it is hoped that by holding Buddhist art lectures and sutra lessons, with the cooperation of both sides, Buddhist teaching can be passed to the younger generation and that the venue will act a place of local community exchange.

(Photo, left) Honzan Bukko-ji temple, where D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO will open.
(Photo, center) An design image of D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO
(Photo right) Kenmei Nagaoka (Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design / D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO President.

Related Student(s) 12 members for D&DEPARTMENT KYOTO project
Related Faculty Kenmei Nagaoka (Department of Spatial Design Professor)