What are humans? What is art?


Message from the Head


Tetsuro Matsuzawa

I will serve as a head of the Institute of Philosophy & Human Values from October 1st, 2016. Walking up and down the campus on Mt. Uryu, I gradually have become used to its atmosphere.

The founding principle of this university is “a future based on the arts.” Through this ideal, we focus on education for the abolition of “nuclear power” and world peace. Based on the strong will of the school's founder, and first Chairperson, Shochoku Tokuyama, the institute was established on October 27th, 2012. This day is the anniversary of the death of Shoin Yoshida (1830-1859), whom Mr. Tokuyama loved and respected. Shoin Yoshida founded a private school and cultivated pioneering figures in the Meiji period.

While this institute is small in scale, we have been entrusted with grand intentions. In my interpretation of the school’s founding principle and the mission statement of the institute, I believe being “anti nuclear power” and valuing “humanism” are central tenets, and, through the intersection of art and academia, we can materialize Liberty, equality, fraternity, which are principles that all humans have in common. Also based on this ideal, we can cultivate young people who can have a tender perspective to all things in the universe.

As a new project, we have started the “Philosophy & Human Values Seminar”. In its first installment, we invited Zen Buddhist priest, Sogen Yamakawa, followed by Takao Doi, who experienced a manned space flight, as lecturers. Also, the project “ART meets SCIENCE” is being planned to serve as a meeting place between art and science.As before, we are aiming to promote the new fields of research called art and peace studies and art and cognitive science. Please find more information on our website. We would be most grateful for your continued cooperation.

April 8th, 2017

Director Tetsuro Matsuzawa