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Sep. 1, 2015


About the reorganization of the IPHV
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Jun. 1, 2014

Sophia Salon Activities

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Sep. 20, 2013

ART peace – “a national commitment to the arts”

For Youth Who Seek Art
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Jun. 26, 2013

Conference for Peace

First Session of the Conference for Peace and Human Values
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Jun. 26, 2013


Publish the website of Institute of Philosophy and Human Values.
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Message from the Head


Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Greetings for the 2018 Academic Year

A year and a half have passed since October 1st 2016 when I began serving as the Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Human Values at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Spring has come once again, and I bring my focus on my professional duties.

The founding principle of this university is “a future based on the arts”. Through that, we provide education that aims to abolish “nuclear weapons” and strive for world peace. Based on the strong will of the school founder and first Chairperson Shochoku Tokuyama, the institute was established on October 27, 2012. This day was the anniversary of the death of Shoin Yoshida (1830-1859), whom the first Chairperson Tokuyama adored. Shoin founded a private school and cultivated pioneering figures in the Meiji period.

I have my personal interpretation of the founding principle of the school and the mission given to the institute.  That means substantiating shared principles of freedom, equality, and philanthropy through the integration of academism and arts while waving the flag of “anti-nuclear weapons /power” and “humanism". And with these principles, we can educate young people who can view all creation in the world with a sympathetic eye.

Looking back at the 2017 academic year, we held a study trip to the Shimokita Peninsula, following Shodoshima island in the first year. Looking at wild monkeys and geoparks were opportunities to conceive of ideas by visiting actual sites. We had the opportunity to actually see the nuclear reprocessing plant of Rokkasho village, the northernmost populations of snow monkeys, their natural habitat, and the geopark.

2017 was also the year when we came into contact with Bhutan.  On October 26th, the Princess of Bhutan, Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, visited our school, where she was met by Chairperson Yutaka Tokuyama and President Kazuo Oike. We were asked to animate a picture book by the Princess.

On an educational level, we took part in providing classes for the undergraduate school, graduate school, as well as correspondence education. With research, our full-time lecturers were active in the fields of Studies of Arts-based Peace and Cognitive Science of Arts. Please refer to our website. We also welcomed two Visiting Professors from October 1st 2017, Professor Eriko Kawai (Professor, Kyoto University) and Sachiko Kuno (CEO, S&R Technology Holdings). They are going to give insight on the theory and practice of economics, a field that has not been represented at our school thus far.

After I took over as Director, the “Seminar for Philosophy and Human Values” started as a new activity. The 4th session (on April 17, 2018) was Ryota Sakamoto’s “Bhutan the Country and its People.” On the occasion last year of the Princess’ visit, we took on a new project with “Longing for Happiness.” Article 9 of the Constitution of Bhutan stipulates longing for GNH (Gross National Happiness). We are making preparations to visit Bhutan by the end of this year.

Although we’re a small institute, we will continue to do our best as a unique endeavor of this university. We would be most grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

April 18th, 2018

Director Tetsuro Matsuzawa