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Photo: Osamu Watanabe

Geijutsu-kan is a museum offering a permanent exhibition of the items of the collection of Kyoto University of Art and Design. The main objects of the collection opened to the public throughout the year are the approximately 170 artifacts from the regions along the Silk Road collected by archaeologist Namio Egami, the approximately 280 exhibits such as Jomon ware, personal ornaments, and clay figures, including those donated by poet Sakon So – and also over 360 ukiyoe printings by the hand of ukiyoe artist Kunichika Toyohara, donated to the museum by Naokichi Oe, a one-time president of Kyoto College of Art. In addition to the permanent exhibition, once a year our museum holds a special exhibition with a view to create and promote connections between the collection and contemporary artists. Moreover, Geijutsu-kan has been granted the license of a "museum-equivalent establishment," and is thus utilized for museum training, etc. for students of both the regular and the correspondence education of this university.

Geijutsu-kan (in Japanese)