Faculty of the Arts

Kyoto, where our university is located, has two faces; it is at once traditional and avant-garde. Our Faculty of the Arts covers almost all areas, including the fields of fine art, contemporary art, graphic design, animation, manga, film, fashion design, jewelry design, interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, theater, and literature. In addition, we offer research programs in fields such as art production and historical heritage.

Available Degree : Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Department of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Japanese Painting Course
  • Oil Painting Course
  • Photography and Video Course
  • Textiles Course
  • Mixed Media Course
  • Kyoto Art Course
Department of Manga
  • Manga Course
Department of Character Design
  • Character Design Course
Department of Information Design
  • Visual Communication Design Course
  • Illustration Course
  • X-tech Design Course
Department of Product Design
  • Product Design Course
Department of Spatial Design
  • Spatial Design Course
  • Fashion Design Course
Department of Environmental Design
  • Architecture, Interior and Environmental Design Course
Department of Film Production
  • Film Production Course
  • Film Acting Course
Department of Performing Arts
  • Directing and Acting Course
  • Stage Design Course
Department of Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing Course
Department of Art Studies and Cultural Production
  • Art Studies and Cultural Production Course
Department of Art and Child Studies
  • Art and Child Studies Course
Department of Historical Heritage
  • Conservation of Cultural Property and Historical Culture Studies Course
Center for Liberal Arts
Art Educational Qualification Center
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