Faculty of the Arts (Correspondence Education)

The motivation to study art opens the door to our university. Anyone aged 18 and older, who is qualified to enroll in a university, can enter our programs, regardless of their academic history or experience. A cross-section of society, including housewives and office workers, studies in every region of the country. An 18-year-old student hopes to become a professional artist and a 93-year-old student thinks about life. Their reasons for enrollment are different: to learn technique, to become certified, or to do research. Students can learn at their own paces by enrolling in either “text classes,” which can be completed at home, or “schooling classes,” which require them to attend classes at either the university or another location. Our students’ eagerness for learning and the strong bonds between our faculty and alumni together form an active platform for a "Future Built on the Arts."


Available Degree : Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Department of Liberal and Fine Arts
Department of Science of Art Science of Art Course
Historical Heritage Course
Creative Writing Course
Japanese Classical and Traditional Arts Course
Art Writing Course
Department of Fine Art Japanese Painting Course
Oil Painting Course
Ceramics Arts Course
Textiles Course
Photography Course
Ink Brush Painting and Calligraphy Course
Department of Design Graphic Design Course
Architectural Design Course
Landscape Design Course
Spatial Design Course
Illustration Course
Liberal Arts Center
Art Educational Qualification Center (Correspondence Education)
Open Programs of Art and Culture

Foreign Student Acceptance Program

Study useful Japanese and receive the latest in art education in fully online program.
Original study program open for foreign nationals.

Foreign Student Acceptance Program


  • Proficiency in Japanese (reading, writing, and conversation) is essential for studying at Kyoto University of the Arts.
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