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Art and Culture Information Center (University Library)

Art and Culture Information Center (University Library)

Photo: Osamu Watanabe

Art and Culture Information Center was established on the first basement level of <Ningenkan> in April, 2001 as a facility serving the educational and research activities of the university and as a base for learning by students and the local community. The center mainly provides the function of a university library, but is also equipped with a hall for watching videos, PICCOLI <Kid's Library> and has Tatsuya Naramoto Memorial Library on its premises.

Main services and activities

  • Collection and supply of library materials regarding art and culture, fine arts, design, education, history, literature, etc.
  • Collection of image media materials and provision of environment for viewing and listening
  • Lending of equipment for viewing and listening for use on the premises
  • Development of sharing service in cooperation with various organizations and other universities
  • Regular screenings ※Fully based on the right of screen presentation
  • Planning and holding of exhibitions (of important materials and topics)
  • Holding various events supporting child education ※ervice offered differs according to usage class.

Our center is supporting educational activities for all kinds of users of all generations.

Art and Culture Information Center (in Japanese)