Artist IWASAKI, Masashi

Photo:TANAKA, Tomoko

Graduate School/Arts Studies
Professor *
Computer Graphics, Contemporary Painting, Visual Design
Degrees Earned
Bachelor(Fine Arts)[Kyoto College of Art]
Master(Fine Arts)[Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts]
Doctor(Fine Arts)[Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts]
Affiliated Academic
The Society for Art and Science
Born in Osaka,1966. Graduated from Kyoto College of Art in Computer Graphics,1987. Earned PhD from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts in Contemporary Painting, 2022. Masashi Iwasaki has started his artistic career with digital paintings by means of computer graphics in the 1980's, and ever since then been realizing particularly self-portraits as well as self-referential works focused on his physicality, with digital techniques. Characterized by an exploration of the relationship between human beings and technologies in his own way, which makes his visual representations so unique, his works have been presented in a number of exhibitions and art projects at home and abroad. Just to mention a few from amongst his most important works, "PXS" layers his self-portrait images of different resolutions, "KALEIDOSCAPE" abstracts his flow of blood and fluids in assorted colors and forms, "PRIMITIVES" embodies the action of cells and fungi collectively, and "ABYSS" visualizes a certain vital force the form of a circle could embrace in itself.
Today, the common word art is sometimes replaced to the another word visual culture. It covers a huge area that transcends time and space, from cave painting to cutting-edge expression, and from fine art to subculture. It can be said that it is the idea of no discriminating the all visible world (and sometimes even the invisible world too!) . The next generation's creators are required standing on their own specialty, furthermore having a bird's-eye view at the same time. So, why don't you join us to quest the way of new art?

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