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Name Department Position Specialization
HAMADA, Shunsuke Department of Film Production Lecturer
HAMAMOTO, Nobuhiko Art Educational Qualification Center Associate Professor
HATTORI, Shigeki Department of Information Design Professor
HAYAKAWA, Katsumi Department of Liberal and Fine Arts/Faculty of Art and Design (Correspondence Education) Professor
HAYAKAWA, Kinya Faculty of Art and Design Associate Professor
HAYASHIDA, Arata Department of Art Studies and Cultural Production Lecturer
HICOSAKA, Toshiaki ? Lecturer
HIGASHIJIMA, Tsuyoshi Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor Painting
HIKIDA, Atsuyoshi Department of Information Design Associate Professor Contemporary Art
HIRAI, Aiko Department of Performing Arts Professor Contemporary Theater
HISADA, Tae Department of Fine and Applied Arts Associate Professor Textile Dye
HOJO, Takashi Department of Product Design Professor Product Design
HOMMA, Masato Creative Learning Center Professor Learning Science, Coaching, English
HONDA PONTA, Katsuhiro Creative Learning Center Professor
HORIBE, Yasushi Graduate School (Correspondence Education)/Art and Design Studies Professor
HOSOI, Yuji Department of Manga Professor Cartoon (Manga) Production