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Name Department Position Specialization
MACHIDA, Kaori Graduate School (Correspondence Education)/Art and Design Studies Associate Professor
MAEKAWA, Shiori Art Educational Qualification Center Lecturer
MAIKIMURA, Masaru Department of Product Design Professor
MARUI, Eiji Liberal and Fine Arts Center Professor Graphic Design
MASUBUCHI, Mariya Department of Historical Heritage Associate Professor
MATSUDAIRA, Sadatomo Faculty of Art and Design Professor
MATSUI, Toshio Graduate School/Art and Design Studies Professor
MATSUIKE, Ayumi Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor Japanese Painting, Poetry
MATSUMOTO, Takashi Department of Environmental Design Lecturer
MATSUMURA, Taku Department of Spatial Design Lecturer
MATSUSHITA, Koichiro Department of Manga Lecturer
MEGURI, Haruyo Department of Spatial Design Professor
MIMASU, Yusuke Department of Information Design Lecturer
MIYA, Nobuaki Department of Liberal and Fine Arts/Faculty of Art and Design (Correspondence Education) Associate Professor
MIYAKE, Mai Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor
MIZUKAMI, Ryushi Department of Film Production Professor Acting Training
MORIMOTO, Gen Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor Painting, Wood-block Prints
MORIOKA, Koji Liberal and Fine Arts Center Associate Professor Contemporary Art (Three-dimensional Art, Photography)
MORITA, Toki Department of Art Studies and Cultural Production Associate Professor
MOTOHASHI, Yayoi Liberal and Fine Arts Center Professor
MURAKAMI, Satoshi Department of Character Design Professor Game Design, Animation Production