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Name Department Position Specialization
SAITO, Aya Institute of Philosophy and Human Values Professor
SAITO, Nobukazu Department of Information Design Professor
SAKAI, Yosuke Department of Spatial Design Associate Professor Graphic Design, Book Design, Jewelry Design
SAKAMOTO, Rei Department of Film Production Lecturer
SATO, Hirokazu Graduate School/Art and Design Studies Professor Visual Design Theory (Graphic Design, Editing, Binding, Photographs, Picture Book)
SENJU, Hiroshi Faculty of Art and Design Professor Japanese Painting (Nihonga)
SHIBATA, Sumio Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor
SHIMIZU, Hirofumi Department of Fine and Applied Arts Professor Western Painting, Block Print
SHIMOMURA, Yasushi Department of Liberal and Fine Arts/Faculty of Art and Design (Correspondence Education) Professor
SHINAGAWA, Chiharu Department of Manga Lecturer
SHIOMI, Takahiko Department of Fine and Applied Arts Associate Professor
SHIRAISHI, Koichi Department of Information Design Associate Professor
SUGAWARA, Takehiko   Professor
SUZUKI, Kazuhiro Department of Film Production Associate Professor
SUZUKI, Takuji Department of Film Production Professor